Important:  Please input scores immediately following each match.

Team Match and Score Posting

  • Login and click on the “Administration Icon” on the top right of the page.
  • Click on your team name

Click the “Add Player” Icon to add a player to your team

Click the “Add Match” icon on the top right to add a new Match

When you first add a tournament, you will be directed to add your preferred courses. If is best to add all the courses you play throughout the year at this time.  If you don’t find a course in the listing, please email your sport chair with the course name and we will add it to the database.

Adding new courses:  When adding a tournament, click on "Manage Courses" link on bottom right to manage your course lists. If a course is not listed when searching, please email a request to add. 

Once you add a new match, you click the players to add to the match roster.  If you have any players playing as individuals, enter them last.  Any player after the sixth player will be added as an individual and will not count for your team score.

After you have added all players competing in the match, you can enter the scores and click “Submit” at the bottom.

You can edit the match configuration by clicking the “Edit” icon on the top right of the match page. Once on the match configuration, you can "delete match" on the bottom right.  You can remove players from your roster by clicking the “Edit” icon right above your roster list.

If all players have a score, you will be directed to a “Verification” page to check scores for accuracy.  Once all scores are accurate, click the green button “Lock Scores”.  This will set the match as complete.

Please note: after you “Lock Scores” you will not be able to edit any part of the match. Any changes after locking will have to go through your Sport Chair.

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